Upsilon Payments Help For Payment Customers

  • Registering: You must register, but unlike other payment websites, our site is very simple to register -- Under Quick Register.
  1. Create your username
  2. Provide your email address (don't worry we don't share it with anyone!)
  3. Create your password
  4. Repeat password
  5. Call Upsilon Payments at (731) 733-0545, and we can gladly assist you.
  6. Or, email us at
  • Logging In: To Login, just type in your username and password. If you can't remember your password, you may email  If you lose your password, just locate the Reset Password and follow the prompts.  To use reset a password, you must enter a password question and answer your profile.  Click Manage My Profile in the left navigation to change password question and answer.
  • Manage My Profile -- If you ever lose or forget your password. We have an area on our Manage My Profile that allows you to enter a Security Question and it's Answer. When you cannot remember your password, just answer the security question correctly and the password we will supply your password.
  • Entering Payment Info: Once you are ready to make a payment for the first time just enter the amount of your payment (please remember to include the cents portion of your payment and then choose the method of payment (Pay with Card or Pay with Check). Then you will be taken to a page that lets you enter the Payment information (for Cards you need to enter the Card Number, Expiration Date, and the 3 digit CSC code found on the back of your card, and for Check Payments we need for you to provide the Name associated with account, the account number, and the bank routing number). Please also fill out the address associated with either type of Payment. The Street Number, The Street Name (or Mailing Box), The Name of Town/City, The State, The Zip Code, and lastly The Phone Number associated with the account. For both types of Payments, you will need to enter the Invoice number(s) you are paying. And, if you are a business, then please add the Name of Business in the appropriate Field. If you do not want the site to remember your payment information, then unclick the  "Remember My Payment Information" checkbox.  Then hit make Payment. You then will see a confirmation of Payment with a confirmation number, time date stamp and the amount paid. You can print this page for your personal records. Additionally, your payments made on this site will be archived for you on the My Payments Page for future reference. The five most recent payments will also appear on the front page after you have logged on using your Username and Password. If you need further assistance you may wish to call -- at (425) 358-0818 or email us at, and we will gladly assist you.

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